Host families on the Monterey Peninsula open their doors several times a year to a diverse group of international students eager to improve their English and learn more about American culture.   This gives local families the opportunity to have an enriching cross-cultural experience without ever leaving the comfort of their own homes. 

Host families receive $750-$950 per month for providing a private room to an international student.  The student fee depends on whether or not the host family will be providing meals for the student. Most homestay arrangements are for an initial one month commitment between the student and host family.  If the student is staying longer, after this initial one month period, the student and family may decide to continue their homestay or the student may choose to make other living arrangements.

Each family is selected and reviewed according to a comprehensive application process.  A personal on-site visit is conducted by the Homestay Coordinator to each home to ensure the best environment for the student. If meals are included in the homestay agreement, families are responsible for providing breakfast and dinner for the student 7 days a week.

To begin the process of becoming a host family please complete a         HostApplication and email to

Viva International Homestays
Telephone: +1-831 869-8844